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We have probably all been there! Hours of the neighbor’s dog barking … then it stops … for a few minutes … then it is back … the neighbor has left or ignores it!!!

Most of us do not want to confront a dog owner. It just seems risky! And it can be! is your solution. We contact the dog owner and you remain anonymous!

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We do the following:

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    We contact the dog owner several times with stop barking requests
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    Offer solutions for you that are anonymous and harmless to the dog
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    Offer helpful suggestions to the pet owner
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    After sending all of our notices, we give you a Certificate of Completion*
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    Barking stops?…No more notices to the neighbor.

“Be Quiet Dog services helped me get peace and quiet!”

Stop that incessant barking!

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*The Certificate of Completion can be used as evidence if you decide to contact the police, city or county noise officials, take legal action, talk to a landlord or HOA.